About this children's book

What is Windy B?

Windy B is a heartwarming Children's book. A Christmas story that everyone will fall in love with! With beautiful illustrations to accompany the story, this book will soon become part of everyone's Christmas traditions!

What's the story about?

When Fred Roll, Windy B’s favourite baker, opened his shop door early one December morning, a gust of wind blew in an invitation to take part in the annual Christmas Lights competition. Just like his Dad many years before, it was something that Fred just could not resist. For Fred, his wife Heidi, and everybody living in the amazing Bumble Bay, this particular Christmas would be one that they would never ever forget! 

Where is Windy B?

Windy Bumbleston, or ‘Windy B’, as the locals call it, is a small town in Bumble Bay. Bumble Bay is lovely and warm in summer and crisp in winter. And that is how it should be. In July and August the beaches and streets are full of happy people, young and old.  When autumn turns to winter, Windy B is quiet and peaceful, apart from when it’s really windy!